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To ask ENIT for the complete catalogue form for a poster or a photograph it is necessary to fill in the field Catalogue number in this page. Please use the same format to request the high resolution photo of the material of interest.
The Catalogue Number can be found directly in the preview of the card of the work or of the photograph in the archives and identified by the search field and advanced search.

ENIT Italian National Tourist Board can grant free use of the material listed in the Enit Historical Archives, on a non-exclusive basis and for the sole purpose requested. The images cannot be further reproduced, i.e. they cannot be used for purposes other than those declared at the moment of the request.
ENIT Italian National Tourist Board reserves the right to grant the use of the material, subject to a preliminary investigation of the purposes and aims of its use, which must be in conformity with the regulations in force and with the institutional mission.