The exhibition is the result of work to recover the history of the Italian Tourist Board, which began on the occasion of the centenary of 2019 with the publication of the volume Promoting Beauty. Enit: one hundred years of cultural policies and tourism strategies for Italy. The aim is to show the general public in a widespread way to tell of the work done by the institution in the construction of the image of the country in a digital and interactive way. The virtual experience thus becomes a tool to convey in a widespread way the message behind the mission of Enit: to promote Italy.


Enit Catalogue

Starting in 1921, Enit has organised its photographic material in an archive of images that immortalises all The Italian beauties: from the big cities to the small villages, from the scenes of everyday life to modern infrastructure. A repertoire of more than 100,000 images including slides, photographs, negatives and historical posters that represents a heritage of knowledge of national history.

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